The Revenant and Bureaucratic Nonsense

Double swim today, picking away at the value of the season pass, once for L’s swim lesson in the AM and again late afternoon when the heat was just abating but it still felt to hot to do work.

N butted heads with bureaucracy repeatedly today, converting to a NSW licence and changing surname at the same time is apparently a tall order, but she succeeded. Not so with the children’s passports which apparently have to wait until her new licence arrives because birth certificate, passport and a bank statement showing address are apparently insufficient for lodgement of childrens passport applications. So there is likely a two week wait until N’s new licence arrives and lodgement is possible. We may try in Dubbo if her licence hasn’t arrived by then. We remain eager to lock in flights.

Noticed at the pool this afternoon that we are apparently far enough south that this noxious weed is ornamental:

Mt what lovely flowers on that shrubbery. LOL #lantana

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Path progress

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N has made some progress on the bike path. Six or seven courses of bricks down since this animation.

Rather than working this evening we watched a screener of  ‘The Revenant’.

Having just finished it, I feel it is too early to pass judgment, I will share some impressions now though.

Incredibly brutal, visceral film.

I was repeatedly reminded of ‘Blood Meridian‘.

Nature does the best lighting.

Revenge stories are predictable.

Leo deserves an Oscar, but is it for this performance or for his body of work. I am not sure this is his lifetime best so far.

Tom hardy can play nasty well.

Alejandro Iñárritu puts his actors through hell.






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