Work on the Horizon and more thoughts on The Revenant

Thanks to family contacts I am as of today apparently top of the list for casual work at the local High School. The need for work is getting critical so that is very good news.

I’ve been scheming my Android v iOS comparison for some days now but I’ve again left it too late to start on that tonight.

Further thoughts on The Revenant.

I don’t ‘Like’ it and I can’t in truth reccomend it.

It has stunningly light, incredible suffering and examples of human depravity and absolute callousness galore. It is riveting but not I think, particularly memorable. Once the glamour passes holes and gnawing problems abound. For instance I am for some reason really annoyed that Glass can run on what was a very broken leg by the end of the film.  Hypothermia is ignored for the sake of plot armour. The film completely fails Bechdel, yes it is about men in the 1820 frontier but there are women in the film, none has any agency. I haven’t read the book, nor to be honest am I likely too, but as discussed here (Spoilers) the film diverges pretty wildly from what was already a fictionalised adaptation of an allegedly true story.

 Today I’ve completed principal line work on a Downs/Grasslands terrain card. Rough snapshot below. Linework needs cleaned up some as I’m trying a new pen.





I also pencilled what will be my first evolution card but I’ve not yet finished the evolution card templates I will frame them in.

I’m learning to use appropriate hashtags on Instagram. Garnering a lot more likes on my insect pictures thanks to them.

Unknown #beatle deceased. 15mm #macro #insect

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One thought on “Work on the Horizon and more thoughts on The Revenant

  1. High school? That will be a change of pace!

    At Glenaeon, we once had our high school maths teacher take us outside on a hot day to make rainbows with the hose and blow bubbles and then explained the physical properties of rainbows and bubbles in great depth.

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