Teaching again

Back in the saddle, well kind of,

tutoring has begun.

Today I spent an hour each with two delightful children, getting to know them both and learning how best I can help them.

I promptly spent my earnings on sausages and beer to feed the ravenous horde at home. We have had two nephews about. Both playing very well with our boys while, during my absence N and her parents tore down the ancient and hazardous back fence and constructed an entirely new one using their wealth of fencing experience.

They found some pretty extraordinary pieces of metal in the process too. Some of which will feature in future projects.


I haven’t managed to finish the card I’ve been working on today, in truth I’ve barely touched it. Going to put some time into templates now.


Found a great early learning maths game for L and as a reward activity for my younger students. From the always brilliant ‘Dragonbox’ creators WeWantToKnow games ‘Numbers’ is rather brilliant for little ones.


Young #Bluetongue approx 200mm #macro

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More #Bluetongue. Try as I might I was unable to get a picture with it’s tongue out.

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Some wanton stupidity made amazing by the grace of Slo-Mo

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