Seeking Materials & Waiting.

Slow progress being made in the back yard. Projects reaching completion, others just begun, others are still waiting on materials, help or decisions. We need help with the fencing, which will wait on in laws convenience. Shade cloth for a number of things including shading the garden beds, creating a shade sail to block light to the radiant brick wall and another sail to shelter the other side of the house.

Soon to be bikepath

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Today I scored metal framing used in the transportation of quad bikes from our neighbours the motorbike store. Frames which will form structures in the chook tractor. Some parts of this project require timber, in particular decent ply, which I have been unable to find locally. The local hardware is unreasonably expensive. There was one decent piece I could find at the tip, though it required some unearthing, turned out to be be too big for me to transport home which was very annoying. That project may have to wait until our trip to Dubbo for my First Aid course on Feb 2nd. 

Cobar tip has got it all.

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This image shows the building waste slope. Timber is on the ‘Trees’ slope and is primarily composed of broken pallets and garden waste. The household waste field is truly repugnant and as Cobar has no recycling at all, it’s pretty depressing.


Finished the first two steps of another terrain card today. I should be able to finish the rest tomorrow.

No more calls about tutoring yet.

I’m getting ready for a side by side comparison of the Samsung GS4 and iPhone4. It can’t be completely fair as the GS4 is a full year newer and more powerful. The Iphone 4 has a lot going for it all the same. Not going to start that this late in the evening though. There is a much bigger tech and politics story brewing tonight though.


I am very curious to see what is coming out midday tomorrow.

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