Completed a terrain card. Screen quality with watermark displayed below.

This one took way longer than it ought to have, partially due to the lure of good SF, partially heat, partially I’m just out of practise. Planning to smash a few out and get into flow with them.

For reasons unknown this image won’t centre justify.

Mountain 1 In template

Finished the thrilling and at times extraordinary ‘Seveneves’¬†¬†overnight. This book has been interfering with my projects because it was so good that I had to force myself to put it down and turn out the lights a few nights in a row. I’ve been snatching time to read a few pages at the expense of more pressing activities. a more detailed review another night.

Received two calls in minutes of each other requesting my tutoring services beginning next week. I’m thrilled to bits and looking forward to getting back to work.





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