Bad Hair Day

Thankfully a milder day than yesterday.

Swimming continues and I finally got through to NSW education and sorted out what was missing from my accreditation package then posted it.

Visited the library and swung between luxuriating in the air con and stressing out stopping F from dismantling the place.

Had a haircut, I’m not sure if she gives this cut to everyone or if this was just her best approximation of the picture I showed her. Rarely had a less talkative hairdresser anyway.

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I am not delighted



Almost finished application process for F & L’s passports, N’s still has some way to go. As soon as they are processed we can start locking in travel dates for later in the year. We’ve already been looking. Currently favouring a Sydney/Tokyo/Glasgow itinerary.

Today via a recommendation I discovered Google Flights which is relatively unknown because Google or more accurately Alphabet receives so much ad revenue from other flight search aggregates that their own seemingly rather good product doesn’t make ranking.


Still working on a card and sketching templates.


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