Special Process Episode

Completed the first forest card today. As they are somewhat repetitive and tiresome I may limit the number of originals for forest tiles to a maximum of four.

It all starts with pencil,



Then Pen,




More Pen,




Bigger pen,




Now working digitally The black is separated and clarified and a base green is washed in beneath,


Highlights are added,



Then Shadows,



Finally it is cropped and resized to fit the card template, shown here in screen resolution with a watermark:


Forest 1 In template






Vale Alan Rickman

Yet another splendid human lost this week.

Rickman played the only real teacher in the Potter series, he voiced Marvin in the more recent and unfortunately forgettable film adaption of Hitchhikers, he played many a truly fantastic villain and was by all accounts an altogether cool human.


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