On Childrens Birthday Parties

Today we attended a 2 year old’s birthday do. Lots of effort put into costumes, decorations and some tasty party food. But no games or activities the kids. Granted the rain all but ruled out backyard play but not even pass the parcel‽

Having run a party or two myself and learned from my errors in the past as well as managed some ‘interesting’ classrooms. Today I share some hints and tips for running an effective party. Because why the hell not. Let’s start with some don’ts.

Don’t serve sweets until after the cake. The children will need some savoury fuel to get through the event. This seems almost to obvious to need stated. But I have seen it done time and time again.

Don’t tell children they get a bit crazy/ hyper/manic on sugar. Sugar doesn’t make kids hyper, hypoglycemia from lack of real food and parental expectations do.

Don’t serve booze to grown ups in the AM.

Don’t kill yourself getting every little detail perfect on the cake/ costume/ cupcakes/ decorations. The kids couldn’t care less. If you’re showing off to other parents. check your priorities.

Do plan to give each child something. No I don’t mean a lolly bag. Keep it cheap and useful for imaginative play. Something for the costume box is best. Make sure you have spares.

Pool noodle light sabers will definitely feature in our boy’s future.

Do plan more activities than you think you’ll need. Something often goes wrong. 4-7 games and activities should be plenty. Make sure most activities involve active movement. A good party should leave children exhausted.

Do use disposable plates etc. You will be exhausted by the end of it too. Please choose biodegradable options.

Do plan time and space for a free play. Monitor the situation and if exclusion or injury is likely jump in with another activity. With older children pools and activity centres like laser tag and rock climbing are great though often expensive options. It is still worth having games to play in down times for group cohesion.

Do dress up, but don’t expect anyone else too. Or at least don’t expect them to put nearly as much effort in as you will.


That’s all I can think of for now.

Calligraphy practise tonight. I didn’t get to the GP with my XRays today.

I did get N’s computer in for a checkup and my clothes packed.










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