Wtar Saws

There is so much Star Wars crap about at the moment.
After Revenge of the sith I, a life long Star Wars fan swore off giving Lucas another cent.

I’ve played the games, read the books and comics and debated the finer details of the expanded universe at length. I remember seeing Star Wars on the big screen, Seeing Empire and Jedi as a double feature. My father has Star Wars fan art of mine over 30 years old.

I swore that Lucas and his empire would no longer reap profit from me.

Then Disney bought Lucasfilm.

Disney is a pretty unpleasant company but I have never felt strongly enough about their IP’s to care what they do with them. In consequence I was for a time pretty torn about whether or not to see ep.VII. I have resolved that I will, but I am going to try and avoid seeing reviews prior so that I can see it fresh. I have a kind of unavoidable excitement about the film coupled with very low expectations. having been burned before. I will be taking N to see it next Saturday, even though I remain suspicious despite protestations to the contrary, that she has in fact never seen the complete original trilogy.

As to what was really so bad about the prequels. Well for a number of years I was an apologist, trying desperately to find something of that which I had loved so much in them. It isn’t there. Even the Jar Jar Sith theory doesn’t redeem their unbearable awfulness.

This week the “Everything wrong with ….” Guy finally brought out his takedown of Episode 1. It is amusing & succinct at only two parts long.

But, Red Letter Media did it so much better. Even accounting for the annoying voice, the vulgar humour and their unbelievable length.
The definitive deconstruction of everything wrong with the prequel trilogy begins here:


In other news, my finger has a small but still very uncomfortable fracture. Visible here:


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I’ll see a GP again tomorrow to see what I should do for it.

Practising calligraphy again tonight.

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  1. I know what was fundamentally wrong with Episodes 1, 2 and 3. Something that even the best storytelling could not fix: No Han Solo. I’m not kidding. I think that character was really central to the original films’ success.

    1. The first film doesn’t even have a protagonist. A rogue character archetype may have helped but without addressing that failing there was no saving it.

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