In my first year of teaching I thought I was going to need to have my tonsils out. According to the GP more than four infections in six months would be grounds to consider the operation. I suffered six¬†debilitating throat infections in a row but never went under the knife. Since that year I’ve gotten sick a couple of times a year, rarely for more than a few days at a time and with less and less frequency. Hand washing becomes second nature after a time. Today I woke up with a prickly tingle in my right tonsil which has progressed to a full blown sore throat throughout the day. I’m pumping all the good stuff but playing an hour and a half of intense teacher vs. student netball in a baking, humid hall today hasn’t helped. I’ve imbibed over 3L since and I’m still dehydrated.¬†Teacher vs. senior student games are one of the great traditions of my school. The graduating grade gets to play short matches against a rotating assortment of the faculty in the sports the students played for Friday afternoon sports this year.

A little calligraphy and bed.



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