Vale Sebastian

Last night I crashed hard.  Got the boys in bed, nearly falling asleep myself reading L  ‘Fortunately The Milk’.  Said to N “I’ll just take 5 min here on the floor then I’ll call dad, post, do my ironing and watch some more Jessica Jones with you.”

I was nudged into bed about 9:30 and woke refreshed at 5:45 this morning.

5 minutes before my alarm.

My father’s dog Sebastian was put to sleep yesterday. Buried in a grave I helped dig. Sebastian was 14, an old, old dog.  Suffering a lung problem that left him permanently short of breath. Huffing and puffing all through the day and night. He had a good ending. I hope by the time I reach senescence euthanasia laws have been untangled to the point that I can do the same.


The labour of digging is severely underestimated by those who don’t do it very often or at all. Council workers are well justified to have a good lean on their shovels.

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