Boxes boxes everywhere

At school and at home the great packing is in full effect. N has accomplished a huge amount at home. At work my classroom is currently in the ‘worse before it gets better’ ¬†phase. Sending belongings home and discarding reams of used paper.

Found an example artwork from early in the year:


NAIDOC week example piece.  Watercolour pencils and marker on card. Sacred spaces special places. Students made some pretty incredible interpretations of their own special places in the style.

I was lucky enough to spend the morning at work designing origami information sharing devices in Illustrator. A nice change of pace. I’ll share the product once complete and approved for public display.

Tonsils are still very uncomfortable but not worse. I’m planning to hit the Calligraffiti WOTD again tonight after a workout and ironing. If I make it I’ll edit it in.

Still puzzling over rhymes for the shoe book.

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