Painting frustration

Managed to get some serious marking done today. In an expensive cafe within the frenetic confines of the thankfully blissfully air conditioned Indropilly shopping centre. Also achieved food shopping, shoe shopping, finalising my NSW teacher registration application, circus with L and a tiny bit of laundry. I have since watched and read a number of interesting things. 

Tried to figure out why when linking posts on Fbook I always get the same header image of the Jean Julien Peace Eiffel no matter what the featured image is here. Attempted two fixes, gave up for now.

Watched this and daydreamed about the workbenches I will make in my studio/workshop someday.

Very impressed with the standard of cosplay on offer at BlizzCon this year

Showed off my progress on Instagram

6 weeks later. 12 x A seventy five Russian kettlebell swing workout.

A photo posted by @liatach on

I also plan to get some digital painting done but have so far hit a number of hurdles. 

First my tablet wasn’t even plugged in, mental hurdle vaulted.

Second my tablet drivers have not been installed since I updated to Win 10 a few weeks back.

Third that means all my presets and tablet shortcut keys need reassigned.

Fourth my preferred brush set was missing, found it.

Fifth the perspective template I want to play with, part of the perspective kits here (which I own) was missing. Unfortunately one of the three things I have bought’s download link has expired. Hopefully it is on another drive somewhere.  Found a suitable perspective template but not the ‘Make your own’ tool I was looking for.

Stopped to figure out how to do the red dot brush re-size again. TLDR it’s Alt + Right click and drag. Up and Down for Hardness, Left and Right for Size.

Sixth now distracting myself writing this post instead.

So enough… painting time.

Edit Painting complete. Perspective was a wash, opted instead for a character study.

Agent Smith.



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