Books, Podcasts and Buster Keaton

Have a listen to this.

Attended a niece’s birthday party today.
Realised the big move is four weeks away today. Some packing is done, some started, some cannot even be begun until the week prior. Carpet cleaning, truck booking and some paid heavy lifters for the day are all booked. A house cleaner is still required, as are boxes, packing paper and hours and hours of toil.

Catching up on some cinema history tonight. I’ve previously only ever seen very brief clips from this.

Also found a delight from childhood; Behind the scenes of Danger Mouse.

Last night I ended up listening to the whole 2 hours of this interview with Alain De Botton. I’ve read a couple of columns by him and most of his book ‘Religion for Atheists’ which is great. I’ve found a couple more of his works to listen and read through in the future.

Spent some time working on story book rhymes, some of which are being elusive. I found the Ctrl-Paint Perspective Pt1 on an older drive thankfully.

Tonight I’ve altered the theme of the blog to this fancy set which I got in the weekly freebies from Creative Market some months back. This theme has some fancy touches, animated transitions and it displays the header images better. I’m hoping swapping to it may also reset the Fbook post image settings.

I finished listening to ‘Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman‘ a couple of days ago. Apart from a couple of moments of historically appropriate sexism I enjoyed it immensely. Feynman is a very entertaining story teller, each anecdote is filled with wit, often with pride and some with a kind of amiable fury at the ineptitude and frustrating willful blindness exhibited by so much of the population. One story that sticks with me in particular concerns the generosity and welcome he was granted in visiting Japan to attend a physics conference. This of course after having been integral to the design of The Bomb. He makes no mention of it but surely there must have been some awkwardness there.

Practiced calligraphy for a while. Not really worth sharing but in the spirit of accountability:

WOTD + drills

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L is still inspired by the game Grow Home which I played with him on my lap some months ago. I built him a costume at the time, only the helmet of which has survived. Today he asked me to build the MOM rocketship to match his self constructed BUD. Together we then added a Meep (sheep), mushroom and the main feature of the game; The Starflower Vine.  

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The costume in case you missed it:

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