Birds & Bees but not the fun kind

So yesterdays post got a whole lot of views, I’m really not sure where from.
Today I have a few things to share. First some sad news:

Yesterday we took a school excursion to see some genuinely peculiar pantomime. 12th Night Theatre hosted a performance of three one act adaptations of Roald Dahl stories. In order they were ‘The Twits’ which our classes studied earlier in the year, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ & Georges Marvellous Medicine. It was an altogether singular experience. The students were very engaged, so that was a plus. The acting was camp and way overdone. The scripts were cheap abbreviations and the whole show finished with a surprise christian song, I tried and failed to find the song to include. Fortunately they skirted around the word ‘God’ except a final ‘god bless’.  The secular nature of Australian education has been repeatedly subverted by Christian groups in my time as a teacher, this is a pretty mild example and even had I known they were going to include it I would have been all for the excursion. I just find it kind of funny. At the bus stop to leave there was a wild honey bee hive, fortunately not aggressive as we were in very close proximity with 130 children before it was detected and stuck on a narrow footpath next to a very busy road next to it until the buses came.      

Report cards continue.


Impressed L with this video. He does tightrope at circus on Saturday mornings. N comments she has never seen snow filmed in this iconic landscape before.

ACROSS THE SKY – a world record slackline in the utah desert from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

Sharing another old piece today.


Dated 07 1 layer self immolation monk stencil. Cut from floor vinyl. Stencil and print lost to May 2015 flood.


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