Damp tiaras

Before the big plans for next year crystallised Nadine was considering getting me a jewelry/silver smithing workshop as a present so that I could realise some of the designs I’ve had floating around for years. Also I would have perhaps been able to make the rings we ended up buying from a Canadian Etsy seller.  That plan has had to be shelved until a later date.

This pair of Tiara designs were among the many creations and possessions destroyed by the flood in our street in may this year. As there was no practical way to save everything I discarded a significant portion of old art saving only the most important pieces and photographing the rest. These designs had marked overlaps for a woven knot-work effect. I believe them to be about 7 years old.



I’ve done a page of calligraphy practice with nothing worthy to show for it.


Giggled at this:

Watched this:

and this, not for the first time:

While watching this I had the thought, “What if Daesh targeted Paris because they want the inescapable publicity that will come with the Paris Climate conference?”

I guess even if it wasn’t deliberate their actions will colour the news coverage of the event. Daesh is not the global threat they would like to believe themselves, global warming is.


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