Room Reversi & Green Thumbs


Huge I say ‘uge day. Finished laying a long path, began packing the edges, planted tons of seeds, dug up, split and replanted clumps of comfrey and arrowroot. Harvested carrots and began digging what I hope will be the final path to the new compost heaps.

Inside we bought car insurance, sorted toys and swapped our living room and office rooms around. A couple of items still need shifting but the office, bookshelves and couch are set up in their new locations.

I am officially wrecked and tomorrow I am forgoing a day of work for a one day Dubbo trip. We need to visit a number of businesses in our regional center on a weekday. Thankfully leaving the boys with grandparents prior to 7 AM. It will be a massive day involving 6+ hours driving 3 big box stores, 2 supermarkets and a certain government office to officially change N’s name on their systems.

No painting today, but a nice new spot in the house to do it in and a cleaner desk to boot.


The new path connects the garage to two older paths and provides a pair of nice long straights for the boys to ride on with a graded curve between. ┬áThe new garden bed made from tin on the left is a right angle isosceles triangle 3.5m on the hypotenuse. The area between the paths is undergoing soil conditioning from a near clay pan state, today we planted a portion of the area with ‘Clucka Tucker‘.

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