Sweat and tears


A massive day in the garden left everyone hangry and fraught with a touch of sun. Most of a long new path complete and construction of the frame and walls for a new raised garden bed from recycled materials completed. I began filming the build process for this bed but due to lack of foresight lost battery. Tomorrow I plan to finish the path early and get some creative work in, time allowing I’ll begin filling the new bed as well.

This evening we went to the park to participate in the Festival of the Miners Ghost a local event with fireworks, market stalls and music in the main community park. We brought out my big bubble kit to enthusiastic acclaim from the target demographic.



L'Image et le Pouvoir - Buste cuirassé de Marc Aurèle agé - 3.jpg

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Yesterday I began listening to ‘Meditations‘ by Marcus Aurelius which is already pretty incredible. It is hardly an original comment, but it really is extraordinary how, apart from a few points of lifestyle like slave keeping, the day to day life and worries haven’t changed much even over two millennia.

During our time away I have listened to and read a number of books worth discussing. So I will endeavor to work my way through this list in time:

‘A wizard of Earthsea’ Ursula K LeGuin

‘The Fatal Shore’ Robert Hughes

‘Reamde’ Neil Stephenson

‘Quicksilver’ Neil Stephenson

‘Religion for Athiests’ Alain De Botton

‘To Hell and Back’ Ian Kershaw (Unfinshed)

‘Pyramids’ Terry Pratchett (Unfinished reread)

‘A Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval England’ Ian Mortimer (Unfinished)

“Three Men in a Boat’ Jerome K Jerome and read by Hugh Lorrie (I think I may have talked about this one many months ago in one of the few posts I did while away.)

Sailing to Sarantium & God of Emporers by Guy Gavriel Kay (reread for me at least)

Tonight however, I am leaving it at that.


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