No Marking

Bedtime battles, work and tutoring taking their toll today.

I Finished ‘The consolations of Philosophy’ this afternoon.  What a fantastic book, I wish I’d read it fifteen years ago. Though in truth I may not have stuck with it then. Not being then, as I am now thoroughly addicted to audiobooks and thereby able to read while doing things with my hands.

I am going to have to summon some enthusiasm and paint tonight. Painting is whole lot better than my usual alternative though. One thing I am very grateful about at the moment is that as supply I don’t have any take home marking piling up in every file and folder. The bane of my profession existence and I have absolutely none at all.

The innundation of markable assessment a class generates and requires positive feedback on has been constant source of hellish amazement to me. I don’t look forward to the resumption of the flood.



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