Paths a Paving

Covered a significant portion of the yard in bricks today.

Once begun there was no stopping until paths were connected, lest there will be furious infant traffic jams. I ran a path parallel to the first. Circled a garden bed tank and curved to join the other path. A couple of other tangents dug and prepped but not completed today.

Fortunately I kicked the cold, N was not so lucky.


Found all sorts of interesting creatures among the now diminishing brick piles.

More of the uncooperative 5 legged #beetle. #coleoptera #macro #insect

A photo posted by @liatach on

More #gecko. Forgot to mention approx 75mm. #lizard #macro #reptile #reptiles

A photo posted by @liatach on

Watched this while looking for good animal videos to entertain F momentarily. The Blue whale is always a very impressive creature, the animated rendition of the previous extinction events is excellent and worth watching too.



Work preparations to complete and then time for some painting.

Very excited to receive a ‘secret series’ of downloadable tutorials today just for being an existing customer of

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