Thursday 10th


Last minute relief call in to take a kindergarten class at 9 AM this morning, caught  me off guard and without a packed go bag, disappointing canteen lunch and a begged antihistamine from a colleague got me through the day. Host teacher has a cat. As evidenced by dander all over her laptop keyboard, which was not noticed until too late, thank goodness for cheap and ubiquitous antihistamines. School saved me from another day spraying in the fields, left me shattered all the same.


Spent last night exporting print quality copies of all cards completed so far. Tonight I am sparring myself another evenings work on the castle card and instead beginning putting all the titles and feature texts into the evolution card templates in readiness for the larger thumbnails I will create for them over the coming week or two.


My insect¬†Insta photos have started attracting more attention. I’d probably have significantly more followers if I didn’t habitually block bots and follow spammers.

#Live #orbweaver #spider on her Web. Approx 45mm in the body. #macro #araneae

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#cicada wing found in the dust. Image is approximately 5mm. #insect #macro #hermiptera

A photo posted by @liatach on

Dececed #rat forepaw. #macro

A photo posted by @liatach on

Almost forgot a link. Wait but Why has a new and informative take on the ‘Monty Hall Problem‘ up.

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