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Despite a brand new power supply, and two new case fans fitted today, N’s computer is still randomly restarting at odd intervals.

The fury. No logging tool or measure has been able to give us a lock in on what the problem actually is and it is so random and clearly not a function of intensity of use that solving continues to be a process of trial and error.

I also bought a network card as that was the only other suggested problem point when I had it serviced before leaving Brisbane. Noob mistake I bought a PCI network card not a PCI-E (for Express) card. I wasn’t aware they even still made plain PCI so I didn’t even think to look. At least it was only $20. I may buy another but the $10 postage burns when it is only one item. If it is not a network card then by elimination that leaves only the motherboard or the CPU, both of which were very high quality at purchase. With the brand new 240gig SSD I bought in an attempt to save my old laptop installed as the primary OS drive in N’s now, she would effectively be building a new computer as everything is out of warranty.

My 7 port USB hub also arrived yesterday, a purchase made necessary as the new laptop only has 3 ports. Already it has been so useful I should have bought one years ago. However I did encounter an odd issue┬áI’ve had problems with before. Fortunately I know the fix. If you are ever having problems with USB devices not being recognised, particularly after waking from suspended sleep mode, go into device manager find the USB root hub, check properties and uncheck the default setting ‘Allow windows to shut down this device to save power’. Traumatic to find and fix in the first instance years ago, an easy fix now.


I’ve been really getting into film making technique videos this week, having worked my way through most of the exceptional ‘Every frame a painting‘ library. I found another source in my feed today.


Minimal progress on castle card today. I was on primary care and poor L was having a hard time with his game during F’s nap. Lots of interruptions later, not much progress to show for it. N and I are doing a film night tonight during which I’ll continue working on the castle and surrounds. Approaching inking slowly.




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