Tutoring flyer complete

Paving is backbreaking hot and unpleasant labour, but my oh my the results are pleasing.

We’ve made good progress on the areas between the laundry tank and washing line as well as plotting out a looping path through the orchard for bikes.

So much more work to do.

Tonight I’ve finished my tutoring flyer. Channeling some early playbill style. Some information redacted for web display.tutoring-flyer-for-web


Booked a First Aid & CPR refresher in Dubbo for Feb 2nd. It has been a while since I have had to pay for my own, schools usually cover the group’s cost. This course is going to bite for the cost of accommodation the night before as well as travel. Still better than letting it lapse and needing to do the whole two day again.

About to kick card production to another level. Here begins the first week in which I try and bring to completion multiple whole cards.


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