Quick Garden Update

A fresh photosphere to show progress in the yard. The first phase of paving is complete, now moving into the second patch surrounding the nearest garden bed tank. After which a widening of part of the path and addition loop for the boys to ride bikes and scooters on through the orchard will be added.

Both garden bed tanks have been edged with poly for safety. Each will be filled much higher with a nice mix of manure, earth, straw and compost when the wheelbarrows replacement wheel on order arrives. Each tank bed is also getting a poly framed shade cloth cover to reduce the intensity of sunlight through the heat of the day.

Thanks to some good thinking by N the big metal frame visible among the brick piles is going to form the primary frame for the chook tractor. Rolls of chicken wire and star pickets will be used to create barrier fences to stop little ones going out front to rattle the gates and to close off nasty rusty metal piles.

Long hot days, sunburnt today despite a double application of spf 50+.

Finally got around to watching the last episode and a half of Jessica Jones this evening. A satisfying finish to what was a very mixed first season. managed to get a little drawing done, nothing finished.




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