Tree-Ent Project

Well It’s been a minute…

There have been so many projects since this blog was last updated I’m not sure I even know where to start with an update so here we go with the latest.

I’m making a giant puppet, Hopefully I’ll be wearing him at a significant festival in my area later this year. Its a stilt based Ent costume. Process has been documented on the clock app and videos are then mirrored to the tubes and insta.

The Latest vid here:


Ent Costume Project Pt 17. Foam time. Making the first outer shell. Sealing, texturing and painting will come later when consistency can be maintained across the parts. #puppet #costume #Ent

♬ original sound – Liatach

Here’s the one that shows him complete:

And here’s the first in this series:

@liatach_makes Beginning my first new costume and video project in quite some time. #Ent#stilts#costume#project#cardboard#foamsmith And yes that is a TrueFacts @ze frank ♬ Intro – The xx

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