Tree-Ent Project

Well It’s been a minute…

There have been so many projects since this blog was last updated I’m not sure I even know where to start with an update so here we go with the latest.

I’m making a giant puppet, Hopefully I’ll be wearing him at a significant festival in my area later this year. Its a stilt based Ent costume. Process has been documented on the clock app and videos are then mirrored to the tubes and insta.

The Latest vid here:


Ent Costume Project Pt 17. Foam time. Making the first outer shell. Sealing, texturing and painting will come later when consistency can be maintained across the parts. #puppet #costume #Ent

♬ original sound – Liatach

Here’s the one that shows him complete:

And here’s the first in this series:

@liatach_makes Beginning my first new costume and video project in quite some time. #Ent#stilts#costume#project#cardboard#foamsmith And yes that is a TrueFacts @ze frank ♬ Intro – The xx

A Long Time Coming

Finally sat down and got some solid editing done. The final parts are compiling now and hopefully I’ll have enough space to start recording some new content in coming days.
This September holiday started with whole family head colds so a bit slow off the mark on my pile of projects. still many days to go fortunately.




I have a new completed project to share.

‘Bohdi the Yeti’ was one of a number of holiday projects I set myself over the last break. Videos of some of the other holiday projects will follow in time.


I am currently working my way through the enormous backlog of footage captured during the build, editing and uploading the build vids to my new Youtube channel.

The first two build process videos are up and the third will be up by the weekend.


I am also doing another editing pass on the build videos for L’s Sir Vader costume and bringing them across to the new channel as well. Obviously work has taken a big toll on my energy and ability to maintain this blog with the regularity I would like, but more posts can be expected as the next few video’s go live.