Time on my Timeline

Brutally hot day and the pool was shut for a memorial service. Terrific storm this eveningĀ has washed the heat away, likely to be worse tomorrow though.

Made my classroom time line and labels to laminate and attach to it.

LotsĀ more labels to make, once you get started it is hard to know where draw the line. A small sampling below.

2 thoughts on “Time on my Timeline

  1. What is the idea behind the timeline? Is it to get an understanding of history, natural history, human milestones? Until I read your labels I thought it was for the year ahead.

    1. Every class needs a timeline. Usually used in Sose and history to cover a specific date range. I find that I always need dates outside that range as well. I’ve bodged up something similar in the past but this is the first time I’ve taken the time to make one with care.

      Over 14m in log scale wherein this year is 1m to the left is the ten years prior in a meter, to the right is the ten years ahead in 1m. Next 100 years in 1m to the left and right. From there only to the left each meter adding ten times the amount of time right back to the big bang.

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