Thursday 22nd

I read a whole lot of nothing particularly interesting today. One of those days in the News where everyone is very excited to speculate about all the stuff they don’t know. This was facilitated by two hours spent in a windows O’Brien waiting for a windscreen replacement. Very impressed with their service overall. Windscreen insurance options are so worth it.

Also a quite quick and successful trip to the new nearby IKEA to secure N’s Christmas present. No spoiler she picked it, a new new Langfjall office chair. from here on out neither of us must cripple ourselves in 60+ year old dining chairs to work on our computers.


I have a couple more childhood walking paths to include in my post of a few days ago, but I would still like more.

Having a play in Illustrator and watching some media this evening. Leaving off with this lovely clip made using E-life and fractal simulations.

Max Cooper – Order from Chaos – Official Video by Maxime Causeret from Max Cooper on Vimeo.



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