Morning Routines

A common feature of almost every productivity text I’ve ever read is the creation of a good morning routine.

Mine is a bit ah, haphazard.

On a good day I rise, shave, shower, make coffee and food and have time alone for about twenty minutes to read, meditate or workout prior to our Gro Clock announcing to the boys that it is time for them to rise at 7AM. On a bad day the boys wake up and bang on the shower door. There is no peace, no serenity, only Zorg. Or at least two little boys ravenous for banana toast and attention.

Today was good day.

For a blessing I had 45 minutes of sweet peace.

But… I accomplished nothing with it. Partially because I went to bed at midnight and particularly whilst unwell 6 hours is simply not enough, but also because the inexorable time suck of the internet drew me in. Nearly an hours unproductive browsing later and I still wasn’t feeling awake, I hadn’t worked out and hadn’t prepared lunch.

Sleep is the first key factor to address. As of now I have an alarm set for ten to eleven. To be in bed by.¬†Meditation, language tapes and workouts are all very difficult to engage in when it is a battle to be awake. Here’s hoping this can help.

Making lunches vies for pole position as my least favourite part of work. Typically with work guaranteed the following day we make a dinner with leftovers suitable and container them up the night before, failing that I’ll make sandwiches prior too. With the day to day uncertainty of relief that hasn’t always been possible and there have been a lot of long uninspiring looks in the cupboards at 7AM.


My season breakdown and debrief of Westworld to follow in a day or three.


Forms to fill in and art to make.

One thought on “Morning Routines

  1. For the working stiff lunches are difficult, add in gluten and dairy free and you really have to be organised. In summer we eat salads with chicken breast, salmon or very thinly sliced steak or lamb leftover from dinner the night before. This adds protein without the nitrates of ham or similar, plus it is free range / organic. Leftover steak also makes a great sandwich with spicy chutney. Salads to be enjoyable have to have crispy lettuce, grated carrot, beetroot, tomato, avocado, cucumber and tomato plus a great dressing added just before eating. In days gone by I also added fresh Parmesan and toasted nuts. Winter tends to be stews/curries/soups all made on the weekend for lunch and dinner but you have to be able to heat them up. We also like homemade burgers, veggo or meat with salad or as a sandwich filling. Jeff likes wraps but the GF versions are horrible and fall to bits. Homemade burgers freeze well and can be sliced frozen into a sandwich. Leftover pizza used to be a favourite, not so much now minus the cheese and GF. You could try making some really good roast lamb and chutney plus mustard sandwiches and freezing them, they should be pretty edible once defrosted if the bread is a good quality one. Our emergency lunch is likely to be a small tin of tuna mashed with avocado as a sandwich filling.

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