A Job Confirmed

I have been booked in for a day next week to do handover and orientation with the public school’s still quite shiny and new 3D printer. I am not yet sure if I will have a class of my own or the TRS (everyday relief position) but work is pretty much guaranteed for 2017, which is a great relief. Time to brush up on my 3D modelling skills and start rebuilding my classroom resources.

After mixed success leading guided meditation with a year 6 class today. I have resolved to have another go at daily meditation starting tonight. Headspace is my guide of choice (and what I used in class).

An altogether exhausting day, compounded by a very rough last night means I am to bed directly.

I did whip up this first take on a channel header for Ytube before dinner.



A nice find while looking for resources to demonstrate good poster design this morning:

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