A Weekend


Painting again tonight. Currently working on sketch cards, that is, draft copies that demonstrate layout and vision for the evolution and terrain cards. As I’ve been really struggling to produce finished pieces to a standard that I am happy with. Partially lack of practise, partially distraction. There remains quite a few unsketched cards so I am working my way back in by finishing little things.

Last night a deep and meaningful with family took precedence over posting. A little work on L’s costume, a spot of fencing and gardening have eaten up the weekend. We have three new garden beds laid and not a moment to soon as our next crop of seedlings are desperate for planting. We are also looking forward to the return of our hens from the farm. Which is waiting only on the completion of the new dividing fence.

The foam armour is coming together and I have another progress video almost ready for publishing. My editing process is rapidly becoming more streamlined.

Spent the morning rocking out to this rad remix.

Product Envy

I would dearly love to be able to justify the purchase of one of these, but it honestly wouldn’t last long in my house.


As talked about here:


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