L was up at all hours through the night leaving everyone a bit fragile today. We Began the first turn over of the guest house but lacked the stamina to do it all in one go as a test run. The problem with long daytime naps is hellish bedtimes. I am setting up to paint now that at least one of our infants is finally down. Hoping to climb the hill behind the house tomorrow, if the children’s health has improved anyway.

‘Live every day like it’s your last, because someday you’re going to be right.’

-The late, great, Ali

One thought on “Living

  1. Really hoping the germ cloud will break up soon and move away. It is one of the unfortunate things about travelling, the exposure to bugs we have no resistance to. I remember reading how high the Australia resistance to Ross River fever is compared to Europeans. Something like 24,000 to 1 compared to 300 to 1 as a risk of being infected. I had never really thought about the different ranges of immunity we carry around with us. At least you are heading into warmer and hopefully sunny weather. A beautiful time to be there, I hope you fit in some garden visits.

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