Today marks the first actual day of our house sitting adventure. Our hosts spent last night aboard their lovely yacht and sailed with the morning tides. In good form there was an electrical malfunction in the guest house over night which left our guests briefly without power to the dishwasher and fridge. They have been connected to an alternate power point and a sparky is due Friday.

Three nights of infant illness have taken their toll and both N and I are stretched a bit thin. F came down with gastro virus on Sunday and only began perking up in the doctors surgery today. So it goes. Everyone else is thankfully hale and healthy if a bit itchy from midge bites.

We are experiencing a genuine summer here our single packed sets of summer clothing have extraordinarily actually been required with warm dry days a steady feature so far. It probably wont last.

I have an office to work in but I haven’t set aside enough time this evening to paint. Happy of a place to work and write tonight anyway.


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