Build VLOG

Spent the evening editing 2+ hours of footage down to this 8 min build video.

Then over an hours wait to upload.  Much to learn about framing, editing and well, carpentry.

Chicken tractor handle build:





Finished ‘The Long Utopia‘ a bit underwhelming to be honest. Glad to be back on ‘Religion for Atheists‘ More on both another night.


Seven Days


7 Days until departure. Well eleven days until the flight, but we will leave Cobar direct from work at the local Catholic next Thursday driving through to Orange. I have another day with the Public on Monday and hopefully another day or two in between by early morning call out. There is so much to do in preparation, I’m kind of glad I haven’t yet gotten a booking for tomorrow.

Planning on an early morning tomorrow to catch some meteor action.

Hopper found in the playground. 70mm #grasshopper #orthoptera #insect #macro

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More #grasshopper #orthoptera #insect #macro

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Small progress on a political poster, I may need to rework a significant part of it as I spent to long looking at propaganda reference and diluted my own vision a bit. Going back to castle card after a few days away from it this evening.


I do indeed want limited edition print of the ‘Discworld Massive’ just cant justify 50 squid this week.






Apathy Antidotes

I’ve shown this clip to a number of people lately. A couple of classes too, though I generally skip parts for them. I finally got around to grabbing a copy of the film itself this evening and I’ll follow up once I have had a chance to watch it.

I’ve been feeling a bit angry and powerless about the climate and government situation again this past week and I find this video and others like it are helpful antidotes to apathy.

It also helps that there are politicians who are not only well informed but do actually care.

It also helps that there are exciting, entertaining bloggers and vloggers out there who are capable of putting things into interesting perspectives.

It really helps to have an equally angry and passionate wife who is, even now writing scathing letters to local members.


In keeping with this post doing some work on my political posters this evening.


I have quit it sucked too much time the last few evenings. My best score was only 17 thousand+ and 4th on the leader table at the time. If I could see a few upgrades added to this little game, one would be the ability to emote even just two or three simple emotions. Another would be a kill counter tracking active user ID’s activity, who has killed you, who has been killed by you.







Interview Success


Got all dressed up for my suitability interview this morning. Silly me I forgot to take a selfie. Interview went well, felt like I impressed. Who knows how long until I get the formal response, Queensland ed took almost three months.


Carpentry is not my strong suit. I set about making handles for the chook tractor today. I am almost complete except that I am so unhappy with how one half turned out that I am going to do it again tomorrow. Some video of build captured so I’ll have a crack at editing that together when I’m done. Painting again tonight, not much achieved last night.



First dog on the budget by our gormless and frankly disreputable government:

Monday 2nd


Roving non contact relief, five classes in one day. Almost a high school experience if two of them hadn’t been from the junior school.

Waiting on infant bedtimes to get our GoT on.

Preparing for my interview in the morning and making packing lists for the adventure only 14 days out now. 


Next to nothing done last night. Noble aims of at least an hours painting or illustrating tonight.


There was a press like this at the auction weekend before last. It went rather cheaply really. I fancied it, not that I would put it to any other use but squashing things.






First attempt at ‘Vlogging’.

A day trip to the farm for L’s birthday. My apologies for the dodgy wind audio in some clips, I’ll figure out how to remove that in Auditions at some point. This five and half minute, two hundred meg video took nearly an hour to upload. I guess I cant make to much of a habit of this which is a shame as it is quite fun.





Had a lovely day celebrating L

L is 4 today, Hooray! #birthdayboy

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Back to work tomorrow and readings to do tonight for an important interview Tuesday. 





Lovely work by Paul Kelly care of American Songwriter


#bogeye #lizard safely sheparded across the highway. #reptile Tiliqua rugosa

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#beetle rescued from drowning in a trough at the farm. #coleoptera #insect #macro

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