Seven Days


7 Days until departure. Well eleven days until the flight, but we will leave Cobar direct from work at the local Catholic next Thursday driving through to Orange. I have another day with the Public on Monday and hopefully another day or two in between by early morning call out. There is so much to do in preparation, I’m kind of glad I haven’t yet gotten a booking for tomorrow.

Planning on an early morning tomorrow to catch some meteor action.

Hopper found in the playground. 70mm #grasshopper #orthoptera #insect #macro

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More #grasshopper #orthoptera #insect #macro

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Small progress on a political poster, I may need to rework a significant part of it as I spent to long looking at propaganda reference and diluted my own vision a bit. Going back to castle card after a few days away from it this evening.


I do indeed want limited edition print of the ‘Discworld Massive’ just cant justify 50 squid this week.






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