Warming Up


Another two days have slipped by. Welcome visits from cousins and neighbors and their respective little boys all of whom got along with ours swimmingly. They all had a blast throwing sticks in the river, admiring the farmers horse and playing with Lego. Today a trip to Oban to open a bank account and eat some very fine fish and chips. We have, job by job been learning our roles here at Arichastlich.

For the third day running I’ve had device issues all three of my possible camera devices were flat by the time we reached Kilchurn castle this afternoon. Fortunately I believe N captured a number of good images which I will share in good time. Trying to get back into the swing of daily posts, a few false starts and interruptions aside.

Kilchurn Castle

I think I have visited Kilchurn castle every time I’ve been to Scotland. I have only been inside once. The only time it was open when we visited many years ago. I remember being quite horified by the black pit dungeon and memorably that somebody perhaps displaying an inherited grudge against clan Campbell had used one of the castle toilets as evidenced by a large turd below the chute on the outside wall.


Making was limited to Lego play today. I did finish my Trevi fountain set last night, photos of that priorto its inevitable dissasembly for play materials to follow soon too.


A good and quite contentious read on misdirected focus within the skeptic movement. Via Fbook thanks Ben.

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