Misty morning in Orange.

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Back streets of Orange. Channeling #jefferysmart

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A few rather busy days since the last post, a lot of distance covered. We are spending our second night in Sydney and the last in Australia for many months. Very excited about getting underway tomorrow night. We purged our packed luggage in Orange and have managed to whittle down our baggage to if an if not light relatively lean pack for 4 months with two children. Certainly doing better than our trip to Tasmania last year, though we had camping gear and child seats then too.

A few days without real creative output or a good work out have left me pretty eager to get painting again. I have drawing tablet with me in our checked luggage but I’m planning on a bit of illustrator work in the mean time.

Feeling a bit like a country bumpkin dazzled by the city lights here in Sydney. Sydney always triggers constant bursts of nostalgia from my child hood. Lots of love for the vibrant street art covering every scrap and skerrik of free space.

Sydney town. #zap

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I’ve decided I need to address the degeneration in my typing fluency, high error rate and overall poor wpm score. Putting in some practice using this or similar.

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