Saw horsed

Wrecked my back making many of the final cuts for the saw horses in a half squat today. Lack of work outs over the past fortnight must also share the blame. As usual as soon as I allow muscle tone to slip my back starts twinging. Assembled the first sawhorse today but I am not calling it finished as once I have assembled the second using it in place of the low to the ground wood planks I used as a workbench for the first, I plan to disassemble the first and reconstruct it with more care to the tightness of leg joins. All in all I am quite pleased with the design I came up with. I just wish my woodworking skills had more finesse. Some better tools would help but only so far.

This guy I am not.


Attended a local and rather disappointing town street party and in violation of our rules we ended up spending close to fifty bucks on food and drinks.

Back to painting the castle again this evening.




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