Very late

Made the mistake of watching some TV before writing a post or completing the card I was working on this evening.

Finished the last of the Old Man’s War series in audiobook format today, thoughts to come. N and I are now about half way through the Mighty Johnsons season 2, enjoying it. Thoughts to come on that too.

Calling it finished anyway, though I might be back to bump the brightness of the feature picture in the morning. Other than that I’ll be focused on primary carer duty tomorrow.

The third evolution card:


Edit with fixed spelling mistake and brightened image.


Busy Drawing & Gif Links

Not a moment to loose…

trump trumped


Managed to finish a card and make hopefully final alterations to the evolution card template today. I have another close enough that it may happen before bed, a terrain card still in inking and a page half done of the children’s book.



Giftastic links!

Classical Ukiyo-e Come to Life in Animated GIFs

If We Don’t Remember Me Fantastic frames from from films both great and awful.

Geometric Gifs by David Whyte

More amazing Gifs by a different David


Edit: Fixed a spelling mistake in the template.

Lots of Links & Love for Software

Discovered the joy of face dancer Luciano Rosso care of Blue Art Xinja.

See also Viva La Papa Co-starring his, I assume, daughter.

A rather cool 360º Dali video

Be sure to full screen and let it buffer so you can pan around in style.

Striking portraits of murdered Soviet civilians from the Stalinist era. The ‘Rehabilitated’ beneath some images indicates that they were posthumously pardoned in that year.

The extraordinary game “Thomas Was Alone” Starring Danny Wallace’s voice talent, which I mentioned just the other day, is only 20 cents on the Play store at the moment. I bought it again because why not own it on another platform for twenty cents!

 Thomas Was Alone- screenshot


I am seriously in love with Manga Studio best drawing software I’ve used in a long time. I’ve been making Photoshop work and it is incredibly powerful but it is not designed from the ground up for drawing. I’ve been playing all day working on pages for a children’s book, planning on trying to port some card progress over from Ps to MS tonight.

Some wiring on the chook tractor, a swimming lesson for L and cooking experiments took up the rest of the day.

A few beasties from the last day or two:


Large dead and 15mm. #insect #ant #hymenoptera #macro

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Giant mud dauber close to 50mm dead at the pool. #insect #wasp #macro #hymenoptera

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Broken skillet

A new tutoring client on the radar, a tidy house, more mud mixed and spread to pack in the paths, art to make.

Broke the handle of N’s magic frypan making Osso Bucco tonight. :’-(
It claimed to be oven safe. It was N’s birthday present from me this year and is our primary skillet. It is Neoflam Mable stone the first genuinely nonstick pan I have ever used. We had a lovely Scanpan skillet we destroyed with honey garlic prawns years ago, I honestly believe this pan could cook them and wipe clean.



Just slammed down Cardboard by Doug TenNapel. One of the few graphic novels at the local library.

Entertaining if a bit cliched. A nice play on some classic tales al’la Gremlins & the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Clearly for a younger audience than me.

It has put me onto this software which I’ve never yet tried.

Drawing time!


Cool links:

A neat collection of images of Hong Kong in the 50’s

and an amazing alphabet ambigram from an unknown artist:

A Perfectly Mirrored Alphabet


NeoFlam Reciept

On Barefoot Shoes

For the past month or so, with the exception of work boots I have been pretty much exclusively wearing two pairs of barefoot shoes from Vevo. I have these running thongs:

and these day wear:

Ra II Hopewell

I never pay full price for shoes.

Both of which have a flexible uncushioned sole not exceeding say 7mm in width.

I first read about the barefoot running movement in a long form article I think was written by Christopher McDougall some years ago. But…

I am not a runner. I keep trying to convince myself that it is worthwhile, with little success so far. That said, I do have cause to run occasionally and since reading that all those years ago I have modified the way I run to avoid heel striking ever since. I have worn what I thought were thin soled shoes in the past, but even the thinest was more padded than these. Actually wearing a pair of barefoot shoes takes some serious adjustment.

N called them my ‘Ministry of Silly Walks Shoes’ in the first weeks. In padded shoes I was putting my foot down hard. Really hard and when I put on these shoes that feel for the most part the same and tried to walk normally I would hurt my feet slamming them into the pavement. I certainly did at times look pretty silly as I figured out how to stride around with no cushioning.

My stride has adjusted and become comfortable if not yet innate. My feet don’t hurt and best of all my back doesn’t either. I am pretty convinced based on my own anecdotal evidence alone that the way I was walking in padded shoes was one of the leading causes of my lower back pain.

I wholeheartedly recommend giving barefoot shoes, which are available from a few different brands, a try.

Vevo shoes tout their patent pending puncture resistant sole, I have had a cat head go through the thongs but I’ve had that happen in boots too so make of that what you will.

Drawing, drawing and more drawing today.




Tangerine, Danny Wallace and First Aid

Dubbo, a microcosm of an Australian city. With many concentrated collections of poor life choices on display.

On the way to Dubbo we completed the second Danny Wallace book we have listened to together in recent months and just as with the first it had us repeatedly in stitches. He first came to my attention on this gem (It’s really, really good), Also this splendid thing. The first book we listened to was  ‘What not to do and how to do it’ (Yes, we are aware that we have skipped one). On Monday we finished ‘Yes Man’ Both audiobooks are made indescribably better by Danny’s reading of them.

I’ve seen a physio and I now have excruciating exercises to perform every hour indefinitely or at least until my next appointment in March.

Physio finger stretches

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N and I had good intentions of spending the evening out but in truth by the time we had my appointment and the first rounds of shopping done and checked into our hotel we decided to stay in and canoodle.

We watched “Tangerine” on SBS2. A curious film in which despite the breakneck pace little happens. It feels like a reasonably accurate portrayal of the lifestyle and relationships of the people represented. It is not a pleasant existence and despite billing itself as a comedy it is, with a few dark exceptions, not very funny. I enjoyed the film as the experience of a life that I would otherwise never see. I am still in vaguely disquieted by the shallow rudeness and careless disregard for each other the characters display.

I recognised but couldn’t place this actor James Ransone turns out I’ve seen him in quite a few things, perhaps most interestingly as a character in ‘The Wire’ in which he bears the same name and has a very similar personality.

Kiss Me! I have recertification for first aid, CPR, anaphylaxis and asthma.

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Yesterday I sat through and actively participated in a very long 7 hours of first aid refresher training. It was not the worst such course I have done, it was far from the most interesting and memorable though. One of those spend all day practising to do a 40 question multiple choice on which I got 100% in a fraction of the allotted time kind of activities.

We slept at the farm when we eventually arrived there at nearly nine last night.

Today I’ve begun putting many of the little purchases to work around the property, latches and hooks, blinds and hose fittings. Wiring begun on the chook tractor and this afternoon a sitdown interview with the local Catholic principal. Work guaranteed but possibly some time away thanks to processing.

Signing off to doodle.