Tangerine, Danny Wallace and First Aid

Dubbo, a microcosm of an Australian city. With many concentrated collections of poor life choices on display.

On the way to Dubbo we completed the second Danny Wallace book we have listened to together in recent months and just as with the first it had us repeatedly in stitches. He first came to my attention on this gem (It’s really, really good), Also this splendid thing. The first book we listened to was  ‘What not to do and how to do it’ (Yes, we are aware that we have skipped one). On Monday we finished ‘Yes Man’ Both audiobooks are made indescribably better by Danny’s reading of them.

I’ve seen a physio and I now have excruciating exercises to perform every hour indefinitely or at least until my next appointment in March.

Physio finger stretches

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N and I had good intentions of spending the evening out but in truth by the time we had my appointment and the first rounds of shopping done and checked into our hotel we decided to stay in and canoodle.

We watched “Tangerine” on SBS2. A curious film in which despite the breakneck pace little happens. It feels like a reasonably accurate portrayal of the lifestyle and relationships of the people represented. It is not a pleasant existence and despite billing itself as a comedy it is, with a few dark exceptions, not very funny. I enjoyed the film as the experience of a life that I would otherwise never see. I am still in vaguely disquieted by the shallow rudeness and careless disregard for each other the characters display.

I recognised but couldn’t place this actor James Ransone turns out I’ve seen him in quite a few things, perhaps most interestingly as a character in ‘The Wire’ in which he bears the same name and has a very similar personality.

Kiss Me! I have recertification for first aid, CPR, anaphylaxis and asthma.

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Yesterday I sat through and actively participated in a very long 7 hours of first aid refresher training. It was not the worst such course I have done, it was far from the most interesting and memorable though. One of those spend all day practising to do a 40 question multiple choice on which I got 100% in a fraction of the allotted time kind of activities.

We slept at the farm when we eventually arrived there at nearly nine last night.

Today I’ve begun putting many of the little purchases to work around the property, latches and hooks, blinds and hose fittings. Wiring begun on the chook tractor and this afternoon a sitdown interview with the local Catholic principal. Work guaranteed but possibly some time away thanks to processing.

Signing off to doodle.


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