Broken skillet

A new tutoring client on the radar, a tidy house, more mud mixed and spread to pack in the paths, art to make.

Broke the handle of N’s magic frypan making Osso Bucco tonight. :’-(
It claimed to be oven safe. It was N’s birthday present from me this year and is our primary skillet. It is Neoflam Mable stone the first genuinely nonstick pan I have ever used. We had a lovely Scanpan skillet we destroyed with honey garlic prawns years ago, I honestly believe this pan could cook them and wipe clean.



Just slammed down Cardboard by Doug TenNapel. One of the few graphic novels at the local library.

Entertaining if a bit cliched. A nice play on some classic tales al’la Gremlins & the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Clearly for a younger audience than me.

It has put me onto this software which I’ve never yet tried.

Drawing time!


Cool links:

A neat collection of images of Hong Kong in the 50’s

and an amazing alphabet ambigram from an unknown artist:

A Perfectly Mirrored Alphabet


NeoFlam Reciept

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