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Delivered my first ever religion lesson today, on the 5 senses and why they are a gift from God.¬†Also participated in a number of prayers. All new experiences for me. I’ll share my thoughts on the differences in the education systems someday, but likely not any time soon.

The school I am at has no nuns, maybe it did at some point in the past, not anymore.

Had an altogether pretty lovely day and am very happy to be back in the classroom. I have another day with the same class tomorrow and days with the neighboring class next week. Also squeezed in an hour of tutoring making it easily the best paid day of work since the move.


Rushing this post out so I can put some time into the castle card this evening. I also need to do some handwriting practice.


N shares this link to a free collection of Art Ebooks from the Met. Hard to top openlibrary though I just wish the had audiobooks too.

Fun, Real skiing staged reactions and set pieces obviously:








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