Such Great Heights

I have a collection of videos that make my palms sweaty, make my heart race, leave me gasping.

No you filthy apes!

Videos like this:

and this

and this


Videos that make me question why on earth would anyone do something so indescribably stupid?


I’ve got tons more.

The comment I make, concerning particularly the latter type involving pointless self endangerment, is that at no point in my entire life have I had such confidence in my own body.

Upon reaching the conclusion that it is that which I enjoy about watching these vids, I have set out to develop such self confidence by degrees.

Rest assured I will never be doing such patently stupid stunts. I do want to feel sure that I could hang one handed and recover. I do want to feel sure that I could precision jump a gap, or balance on a bar if I ever needed to and hell I definitely intend to never need too. This is one of the reasons I set about working out all those months ago. I have made progress but I am not even nearly done.



Success, the laptop lives again. But for how long we know not. I am hoping it will survive through Europe after which I can build a desktop worthy of the now traditional name for my computers: Hex.

I have two days work with year ones at the local Catholic school starting tomorrow. Feeling rather excited to get back into the classroom.


I spent what little time I had off from children today getting the computer going. Transferred working files over from N’s computer, the castle card progress is intact, unfortunately storybook progress has reverted somehow, hopefully a more thorough search will find the current working version, if not yesterday’s labours need repeated.


Two more things to share today.

A redditor takes other peoples photographs and turns them into movie posters. Movie posters so good people are probably pitching them already. The comment thread here has even more.

This link and the discussion around it nearly took top billing for tonight’s post. Automation will wait for another evening, Boston Dynamics latest bot will not.




2 thoughts on “Such Great Heights

  1. Great title – For info also the title of a particularly good pop song by the band ‘The Postal Service’. Recommended.
    Really looking forward to seeing you all in a few months!

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