Waiting for NBN Co.

The title has been the name of my wifi network for a number of houses now. Particularly appropriate here where for the privilege of running a surprisingly respectable 5Mbps down I am paying $80 for a mostly symbolic home phone and 100gb a month. I know full well that 5Mbps is incredible in a rural area like this too. I also know that if Labor’s FTTP NBN had gone ahead the figure would likely be closer to 100Mbps.


The mess that the ABC has made of coverage of the NBN has been making some interesting waves this past week. I am deeply dissapointed in the ABC and very curious to see what if anything will come of the revelations following Nick Ross‘s resignation. The fact that Turnbull in his capacity as communications minister made three appearances on Q&A without being permitted to field any questions on the mutli-billion dollar project he is making a mess of should be evidence enough that something fishy has been going on at ‘Aunty’.

I firmly believe AR (2 links there) is going to replace the smart phone in your pocket within the decade, possibly within 5 years. When it does bandwidth is going to be like the weather, a constant background influence in our daily lives. Only a real NBN can cope with these developments. Malcolm Turnbull’s Mess is going to put Australia at a serious economic and social disadvantage over the coming decade, one from which we will take a long time to recover.

No time for long rants tonight there is creative work to be done. Lots of progress made on the chicken tractor today. A detailed photoblog of the build process will come on completion. Progress is so good I am thinking it is time to make an order for day old chicks. I am particularly enamoured of the Double Laced Barnvelders and Plymouth Rocks but we may just go for a plain Isa brown. Who we get the chicks from remains to be seen, that site has nice pictures, reasonable prices and immunised chicks though.

I’ve also written a new board book called ‘Belly belly bum bum’ today. Got to get onto trying to get one printed soon.

Downs/Grasslands card complete. Going to need to revisit this one but calling it done for now. Downs 1 In template









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  1. My preferred birds have been Barnevelders for many years although I did have Rhode Island Reds for a while. Barnevelders lay large brown eggs, are good at free ranging and not flighty, so easy to keep in with a fairly low fence. This is good because I really hate having to trim wings. Point of lay pullets are expensive but even 3 or 4 will give you plenty of eggs. Chickens are lovely for the boys to experience but need a lot more care and a long wait for eggs.

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