Happy New Year!

Come on 2016, it is going to be an exciting year. Love to all near and far, may 2016 bring you joys, triumphs and many many laughs.

A very quiet night here, I was the only member of the household still awake for 12 local.

I used to really like NYE. I have many times stayed up for the dawn of the new year, particularly so when at the Woodford festival. This is not so easy or desirable with small children in the house and as I’m on morning duty I’ll keep it brief tonight.

We are going out to the farm tomorrow for a big family gathering.

N was laid low with a migraine for much of the day, the boys were their usual delightful little whirlwinds of emotions. One moment paralysed with laughter, the next incandescent with fury. I didn’t accomplish as much ad I otherwise might have liked to, though the day had its moments. Like F curling up on me and falling straight to sleep having declined bed moments before.

Made a card for my stepfathers birthday today. Which would have arrived late anyway but I blew it at the last minute so I can share that one. I’ll have to make another to send in the morning.



some other images of the day


Expressive #Pareidolia in children’s chalk scribbles.

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Mummified mud dauber wasp. Approx. 45mm in total length

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Also finished a few more card thumbnails. Almost ready for the next phase.


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