Prickly Pointy Things

As mentioned yesterday the dominant species in my new back garden is catheads. Every activity in the garden is fraught with periodic winces of pain and barb removal. Horrible beastly things. Our first major backyard project has dual purposes. A. we can use the washing line and any dropped items will no longer be rendered immediately unusable by contact with the ground and B.  We are rapidly removing the threat posed to curious infants by precarious walls of crushing brick death.

I’ve spent way too long figuring out how to share this. But I haven’t managed to get it to embed properly. Click through for a photo sphere of the garden pre cleanup.

Beginning paving. Bricks are now past the base of the Hill’s Hoist.

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Our paving project looks good so far. The piles of bricks are diminishing but the work has not been without its hazards. Each of us has been pricked by catheads repeatedly on the hands and many other sensitive places besides. This afternoon I trod on a rusty nail, it went straight through my boot. Hurts a great deal but is totally fine.  After cleaning it up properly I did go and check out the local hospital and get a tetanus booster to be safe.

Phone problems continue. For a moment this morning I thought I had a fix for the optus network at least. It was not to be. Something is very wrong with my phone and I cannot fix it. However thanks to the social efforts of my cousin Caitlin I will at some point in the future be moving to the ios dark side.

Tonight’s post is written and shared from my computer by tethering to N’s phone with my sim inserted.

Today’s creative energies have been focused on visualising the chook tractor construction.




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