Still packing

So much stuff. The Tyler Durden line ‘Things you own end up owning you’  has never felt more true. We got rid of a skip full of junk in May after the flood and we have another load piled beneath the house ready for the tip. Even so despite giving away as much as people are willing to take, we still have So Much Stuff.

The yard and under the house are complete. The living rooms, bedrooms and office are complete. The kitchen is still not done despite N’s heroic efforts today. Of course there is still a litter of odd items strewn between rooms yet to find their way into a convenient box. Tomorrow will mostly be cleaning except that:

We have a big day on tomorrow. Birthday breakfast with my mother, packing and droping stuff to friends. Seeing Star Wars and yet more packing & cleaning. We will make it… just.


Had to invest some energy in finger splint design as the previous version wasn’t cutting it. Another modification or two away from perfect. I can use the finger but I mustn’t bend it at the first join until the bone can knit. Ligament will probably require surgery and I’ve begun the work cover lodgement to help with that. Probably not going to be easy to find an orthopedic surgeon west of Dubbo though.



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