Boxes and bad news



A very productive day. With the help of my father many a cupboard and wall mount were taken down and holes in the walls filled. Whole rooms have been consumed by hungry cardboard box monsters, who now tower engorged in great heaps around the house.

The image above is a very rough style demo for the game project I discussed yesterday. This image is for the card I thought of as ‘teeth’, looking again it should be ‘fangs’ and thus the revised version will be a whole lot greater bigger and pointier.  The style I’m going for will be quite jagged and geometric and be heavy on the black with solid colours and occasional gradients underneath.

The bad news is my finger will likely need surgery, according to the GP the chip of bone that has disconnected is the ligament attachment point. I have been instructed to splint the finger indefinitely and seek the advice of an orthopedic surgeon. This is not very likely to happen in the two business days left prior to our departure to regional NSW. I’m going to try for a last minute appointment all the same as it is not going to be easy to find specialists in Cobar and this finger splint is already annoying. I will also have to do a work-cover claim which is  a pain in the bum for everyone now that holidays have begun.

Exhausted now.


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