Bruised fingers and waste

Today I played in the teacher v students European Handball match and twice hyper extended my left ring finger. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to take my ring off after the first. I stopped play after the second time and went looking for ice. Also visible in this image is the split nail on my ring finger, a war wound from a dodgy  hospitality job over a decade ago, the nail has grown split ever since. Teachers won of course.

It’s gotten even more gnarly since the previous post.

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Tomorrow we will conduct our class Secret Santa during which the more polite of my students will attempt to mask their disappointment with their gift, the others will say a perfunctory thank you and some may need forcible reminders for basic decorum as usual.

The teacher gifts started arriving for me a week or two ago. One of the perks of the job is the pile of chocolates and oddments we are given each Christmas and this year some have been particularly odd.

Random student gifts. Plastic orchids and pottery heart… Things. They know me so well

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Today I was given a nice looking bottle of wine, chocolates, a beer and a Darth Vader coffee cup. Not half bad really.

I am constantly reminded of and disgusted by how much junk is produced for Christmas.
My mother shared this sweet and relevant song, pity about the weird visual ripple distortion on the video.

Clearly I haven’t quite kicked the Instagram habit yet. Mainly as the inbuilt editing on the alternatives is simply not up to scratch.

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