So Much Paper

I’ve been packing my classroom this week. I’m taking only the best of my own stationery items and my curated classroom bookshelf collection. Even though I strive to keep as much of my work digital as possible the sheer quantity of paper that comes across my desk each week is extraordinary. I am recycling whole reams as I discard for┬áthe pack. I’m also offloading a ton of my own hand made resources as gifts for colleagues or just into the schools collection via the Super Aides on our staff.

The first two are word wall headings. Given to my year level coordinator this year.

IMG_20151204_083503 IMG_20151204_083432

It appears I need a better photo This is one of the few items I will keep as it will definitely be used again and again. The school rules are simply Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. It is standard classroom protocol to decide as a class the rules for our room on the first day of school. It takes patience and practice to Sheppard the discussion so that we arrive at a set of aspirational rules that the students feel ownership of that can also be used all year long as a behavior check.




This could be the original or it could be a YouTube freeboot. It certainly has less views that the copy doing the rounds on Fbook. Star Wars will merit a post all of its own at some point.



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